Application for a Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Account

    1. System Introduction

    Turnitin provides an originality comparison service for documents. When a document from teachers and students has been uploaded to Turnitin, Turnitin will examine the ratio between originality and similarity of the uploaded document. This will effectively enhance the originality of the teachers' and students' academic papers and the quality of their thesis.

    2. Target Users

    Teachers please apply via an online form; students please apply via your teachers.

    3. Account Application

    Upon the completion of the application form online, the form will be processed in the next 1-2 business days. After the settings has been completed, you will receive an "activation notice". Please follow the information in the notice to login and set up the system.

    4. Instructions

    (1) the operating manual:

        (a)account application  (b-1)setting up your account from your welcome email
        (b-2)forgot your password  (c)submitting documents
        (d)viewing similarity report  (e)downloading similarity report

    (2) The default permission only provides students and teachers upload their own thesis for a comparison, and the Similarity Report will be output. For the instructions, you can find the operating manual on the website ( or search for "Turnitin" from "Discovery all" in the home page of our library to find the operating manual and teaching films (

    (3) Faculty of our university can set up course content and assignment pieces after applying for the advanced authority mode, allowing the students of the course to upload their reports to conduct an originality comparison and assisting teachers to connect teaching and task. If you need to access to the advanced authority, please contact our librarian.

    For any queries, you can find the Turnitin FAQ online () or please contact librarian Lee, Hsien-Sheng (ext.: 3113,

Limited to faculty and staff

Limited to faculty and staff,please login first

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