Application for a Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Account

    1. System Introduction

    Turnitin provides an originality comparison service for documents. When a document from teachers and students has been uploaded to Turnitin, Turnitin will examine the ratio between originality and similarity of the uploaded document. This will effectively enhance the originality of the teachers' and students' academic papers and the quality of their thesis.

    2. Target Users

    All the faculty and students in NTUT can use it.

    3. Applying for a comparison class

    (1) Log in to Library's website first and click "form" in the upper right column of this page to apply for a comparison class from Library for this semester. Also, your advisor can directly add your account to his/her comparison class as well.(Notice: the instructor should check and delete the accounts from whom have already graduated every semester.)

    (2) If you apply for a comparison class from Library, you will receive an “Activation Notification Letter” (sender: Turnitin No Reply) in 2 working days after you submit the application form on Library's website. Please follow the instruction in the letter to confirm your account and set up a password. If you have already had an account but the former class is expired, you can log in directly without confirming your account again.

    (3) The duration of every comparison class from Library is based on the semester. The class will be expired at the end of the semester. For a new semester, please log in and fill in the application form again for a new class.

    4. Instructions

    (1) Instruction manual for students:

        (a)account application  (b-1)setting up your account from your welcome email
        (b-2)forgot your password  (c)submitting documents
        (d)viewing similarity report  (e)downloading similarity report

    (2) Instruction manual for teachers:

         (a)Classes and master classes (b)Student management (c)Assignment management

         (d)Makingasubmission (e)The Similarity Report (f) Similarity Report exclusions

    (3) Notices for a teacher account:  a.Don't  use [standard paper repository].  B.Don't  use [Quick Submit] to submit papers. Otherwise, you and your students will get a 100% similarity report when you re-submit your manuscript.

    (4)  For the instructions, you can find the operating manual on the website ( or search for "Turnitin" from "Discovery all" in the home page of our library to find the operating manual and teaching films (


    5. FAQ

    If you have any questions, you can find the Turnitin FAQ onlineTurnitin Feedback Studio – FAQ  or please contact librarian Lee, Hsien-Sheng (ext. 3113,

Limited to faculty and staff

Limited to faculty and staff,please login first

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