InterLibrary Borrower's Card

    1.Service description

    In order to expand the resources of NTUT faculty, staff and students, the NTUT library cooperates with other domestic libraries and provides current faculty, staff and enrolled students with Interlibrary Loan Cards.

    2. List of cooperating libraries

    Currently, the Library has signed the “Agreement of Mutual Borrowing” with the libraries of 17 colleges and universities. If the faculty and students of the University have a need for book resources, they can apply for the interlibrary borrower’s cards by filling in the application form online.

    The cooperating libraries include: National Taiwan University Library, National Taiwan University of Technology Library, National Taiwan Normal University Library, National Chengchi University Library, Fu Jen Catholic University Library, Soochow University Library, National Tsing-Hua University Library, National Chiao Tung University Library, National Central University Library, National Taiwan Ocean University Library, National Taipei University Library, National Taipei Medical University Library, Shih Chien University Library, Ta Tung University Library, China University of Technology Library, Vanung University Chunlu Memorial Library, Academia Sinica Fu Sinian Library

    3.Services for

    The faculty , staff , current students, and  alumni (with alumni card) of our university.



    a. Readers should fill out the application form online. After the verification (about 1-2 working days, and excluding Saturdays and Sundays), applicants will be notified by email. For applicants whose application is approved, applicants may borrow interlibrary loan cards in person with their student cards, staff cards, or alumni cards at the Service Counter on the first floor during the library hours.

    b.The number of interlibrary loan cards is limited. After the application is approved, the card can be held for three days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), after which it will not be kept if not collected.

    c.Each person is only permitted to borrow the interlibrary loan cards of two other universities at the same time.

    d.Each interlibrary loan card can check out up to 5 books/items,and the loan period follows the regulations of each library. Generally, it is from 3 weeks to one month, with no renewal and reservation.

    e.After obtaining the interlibrary card, you can go and borrow the books in the cooperating library. The interlibrary loan cards should be returned to the Service Counter in 3 days.

    f.Readers should return the books/items they borrowed from cooperative libraries by themselves before the due date.


    a.As the number of interlibrary loan card is limited, this service is only for those who have the need of borrowing books. If you look up materials in the library only, please bring your identification document to each library to apply for a provisional reader’s card.

    b.Readers are not allowed to borrow interlibrary loan cards when their NTUT library borrowing privileges are suspended. Reasons for suspension include overdue books, unpaid overdue fines in their library accounts, violation of library regulations, or being on a leave of absence.

    c.Please abide by the “Borrowing Regulations” and “Methods of Loss Compensation” of the library of each college or university. If books/items are overdue, readers are liable to overdue fines according to the loan policies of the cooperative libraries.

    d.Readers are also not allowed to borrow interlibrary loan cards under the following conditions and will have their library borrowing privileges suspended as well:

    (i)Overdue interlibrary loan cards.

    (ii)Overdue books/items or unpaid overdue fines in cooperating libraries.

    At the same time, the related borrowing privileges of this person in the Library will also be blocked. From the day books are returned/the fines are paid, the Library continues to suspend the borrowing privileges of this person till the end of the suspension period, which is calculated on the basis of the number of days this person violated the library regulations.

    e.If the interlibrary loan card is damaged or lost, the reader will be responsible for them according to the regulations of the cooperating libraries.

Interlibrary Borrower's Card

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