Audiovisual Recommendations

    Target group

    Full-time and adjunct teachers of all departments

    Steps of application

    1. Duplicate copy search: Prior to making recommendation, please confirm whether the material is in the library collections by accessing the “Books and Audio-Visual Materials” search system.

    2. Fill in recommended materials: After confirming that the Library does not have the audiovisual materials you required, you can enter the bookmark on the right to fill in the “online form”

    3. Procurement evaluation: After receiving the recommendation list, the Library will take it as the basis of reference for procurement. Whether the materials will be procured depends on their nature, content and funding limit,

    4. Reply to recommender: The Library will inform the recommender of the result by email. No email will be sent after the recommended audiovisual material is delivered to the Library.

    5. No priority borrowing: Priority borrowing and reservation services do not apply to audiovisual materials.

    Principles for accepting recommendation

    they will be based on the University’s “Main Points on the Acquisition of Audiovisual Materials.”

    1. Due to limited procurement funding, the overall limit for recommended materials is 10% of the annual procurement budget for audiovisual materials,

    2. The materials must possess the right of broadcast.

    3. Duplicate copies will not be purchased.

    4. Selection of recreation- and science knowledge-type audiovisual materials which are novel as well.

    5. Good domestic and foreign movies that have participated in related film festivals and been shortlisted or recommended by film reviews, and domestic and foreign musical works that have taken part in various music compositions and competitions are to be collected.

    Please log in in order to recommend to the library collections. If you have any questions with regard to it, please feel free to contact Ms. Gan at ext. 3132 or email to

Audiovisual Recommendations