Periodical Recommended

    Periodical Recommendation

    1.Services for

    a.   General or common-use periodicals: Faculty, staff and students of our own university.

    b.   Professional periodicals: full-time teachers in our own university.

    2.Principles for accepting recommendation

    a.   The journal is in line with the university's development strategy, and the balanced development of various disciplines needs to be considered.

    b.  Professional journals shall refer to whether such journals are included in Journal Citation Reports (JCR Web), and other related important indicators.

    c.   The insufficient content in journal collections will be given the priority.

    d.   The electronic journals will be given the priority.

    3.Application steps

    a.   Please check our system to see if the journal is already included in the library’s collections.

    Electronic journal query

    Paper journal query

    b.   If the journal is not included in the library, please recommend the journal you need by filling out the journal recommendation online form.

    c.   The subscripted journal should be renewed annually. Please carefully consider whether to recommend it or not.

    4.Subsequent processing​

    a.   General or common-use journals are verified by the library. It will take the qualities, contents and expenditure of the journal into account to decide whether to subscribe it or not.

    b.   Professional periodicals will be reviewed by the “Library Advisory Committee.” Subscription to those approved will be purchased the following year.


Periodical Recommendation

※Fill in NIL if without ISSN

After filling in the online form,our librarian will connect the applicant after the verification. For any queries, please connect our librarian(email: