Course Reserves


    To assist in the teaching of faculty, the Library will collect the reference books of various courses and place them on the course reserves stacks on the sceond floor as books students should read.


    Application process

    1.Target group: Full-time and adjunct teachers of the University.

    2.Two weeks before the beginning of each semester, the faculty of the whole university will be notified of this service by the university postman.

    3.Please search in the Library Catalog system, and the focus should be on the books collected in the Library first.

    4.Apply by filling in the online form (click the online form on the upper right). To help teachers provide their reading lists, the lists can be uploaded.

    5.If the books have not been collected in the library, they will be listed as priority purchase items. However,due to the procurement procedures, there may be delay in time.

    6.Kindly request teachers to inform their students to go to the “Course Reserves” on the second floor to look for books, which are for in-library use only.

    Notes for Use to Students

    1.Do an online search in the Library Catalog system, click the “Course Reserves.” You can search by names of teachers, course names, or course-offering departments.

    2.Course reserves are located on the “Course Reserves Area” on the second floor. The materials are only for in-library use.
    3.There are photocopiers on the first to third floors, of which you can make full use.

    For any queries, please contact librarian Han-Ju, Lee(ext.: 3122, e-mail:

Course Reserves Application Form

This form is only to be filled in by teachers, please log in first.

If there are more than two courses, please click + to add
Teachers can fill in booklists in the lower part


*at least one item】

If the booklist contains 2 or more items, please continue to click + to add.

Online form-filling completed, a librarian will contact the application after processing it. For any queries, please contact librarian Han-Ju, Lee(ext.: 3122, e-mail: