Specifications for the Use of Electronic Resources

Specifications for the Use of Electronic Resources

Anyone who uses the school's subscribed electronic resources (databases, electronic journals, electronic books, etc.) must truthfully comply with the following use specifications:

I. Rights of use

You can search the university’s electronic resources such as databases, electronic journals, and others.
You browse the results of search displayed on the screen.
You can save and print a complete copy of contents or some parts of contents.

II. Duties of use

You shall not tell your password to a person who is not a member of the university.
No machine or program shall be used to illegally enter or destroy electronic resources.
There shall be no infringement or improper conduct of a large number of downloads:

(1) The information or part of the content shall not be transmitted, broadcast or provided to non-faculty members of the university for use by any means or through any storage media without authorization.
(2) Print and download the entire journal, meeting records, and reports.
(3) Automatic download software shall not be used to print or download data systematically or in large quantities.
(4) Copy or download database software.
(5) Edit, extend, or combine, in any way, any content of the database, such as the text, tables, or copyright statements, with other data.

The information obtained from the search shall be limited to academic research and use, and there shall be no business activities such as buying, selling, etc.

III. Please abide by the relevant provisions of intellectual property rights

In the event of violation of the relevant provisions, the user must assume legal responsibility and the rights of use shall be suspended after such the violation is proved to true.

If you have any questions, please contact library staff (extension number: 3100).