Online borrowing of tablet computer

Online borrowing of tablet computer

Online borrowing of tablet computer

Who can borrow

Faculty, staff, and students of our university

Length of borrowing

1. You can borrow a tablet computer for 14 days each time. You can make an appointment, and you cannot renew your borrowing length.

2. Each reader is limited to borrowing one tablet computer each time. A reader who has already borrowed a tablet computer must return it first, and the reader can borrow again two days later.


Procedures of borrowing

1. When a reader borrows a tablet computer, the method of online registration is adopted. A reader shall check the borrowing status of tablet computers on the borrowing system of tablet computer, and then register to borrow it. The tablet computer shall not be borrowed on the site.

2. Online login methods consist of "register borrowing" and "candidate":

(1) Register borrowing: when there are tablet computers stored in the library, readers can borrow them by registering online. The registration will be reserved for three days (including the date when a reader registers). Readers will be deprived their qualification of borrowing if they fail to borrow tablet computers within three days.

(2) Candidate: when all tablet computers in the library are loaned out, readers can wait as a candidate online. When there is a tablet computer available for borrowing, an email will be sent to a reader. Such a tablet computer will be reserved for three days from the date of notification (including the date of notification). The candidate will be disqualified if he or she fails to borrow the tablet computer within three days, and no further notice will be given.

3. A reader is required to take a staff identification certificate or a student certificate to borrow the tablet computer at the first floor of library 30 minutes the library closes. The same rule applies when a reader returns the tablet computer. 

4. When borrowing the tablet computer, the reader should confirm whether the computer functions well. If there is a problem, the reader should respond immediately. Once the reader leaves the library, the reader shall be responsible for the problem of damage and any related problems.

Procedure of return

1. Please return the tablet computer before the deadline. When a reader returns the tablet computer, the library staff will check the computer together with the reader to verify the integrity of the device. Please log out or delete all accounts on the computer before you return it, in order to protect personal privacy; if there are still personal information left on the computer, the library shall delete such information without asking the reader’s permission.

2. The tablet computer shall not be put into the return box. If the tablet computer is damaged, it shall be handled in accordance with the provisions related to damage and compensation for loss.

3. Readers shall return the tablet computer within the borrowing period, and those who fail to do so shall pay 100 NTD per day, with the maximum of up to 3000 NTD. If the reader fails to return the computer for more than 30 days (excluding the closing days), it shall be regarded as the loss of computer, and be handled in accordance with the provisions related to the damage and compensation for loss.

Rules of use

1. The reader shall take good care of the tablet computer during the borrowing period, avoid contamination of the tablet computer, and avert the environment where the computer may be damaged more easily.

2. The reader shall not disassemble the computer (including accessories), crack the software installed on the computer, and change the default settings of system during the borrowing period.


Damage and compensation for loss

1. When the computer malfunctions, a reader should actively notify the library and return the computer. If the following circumstances arise, the compensation shall be paid according to the price of computer:

(1) If the hardware is inadvertently damaged or impaired during the borrowing period, it needs to be sent to the factory for maintenance and repair.

(2) The related accessories are missing or damaged.

2. If the hardware or related accessories are missing or damaged to an extent that cannot be repaired, the reader is required to purchase a tablet computer with the same brand and specification, and its functions shall not be inferior to the functions of previous computer. (If there is delinquency charge, it will return to zero.)

3. Before the reader compensates, the library will suspend the reader’s right to borrow books and tablet computers.



1. If exceptional circumstances arise, the library has the right to notify the reader to return the tablet computer in advance. The reader shall not object, and shall cooperate with the affair of returning the computer. If the reader fails to return it within the prescribed time limit, it will be handled as the way that the reader exceeds the time limit.

2. Please respect intellectual property rights and use the tablet computer in accordance with copyright protection rules and other legal provisions; if the borrower intentionally or improperly violates the rules, he or she shall bear his or her own legal responsibility.