Nation Document Delivery Service


Nation-wide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)

Nation-wide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)

1.     Objectives

NDDS is an online service system for interlibrary loan and photocopy requests to participating libraries in Taiwan. It assists readers in obtaining research materials that are not available in the NTUT library. Readers who find the needed materials not accessible in the NTUT collection might make use of the NDDS to borrow books or copied documents from other libraries. . Fees are charged according to the fees prescribed by each library.

2.     Notes for Application

You can apply for an Interlibrary Loan item in the “Nation-wide Document Delivery System” online. You need first to apply for a personal account the first time you use the system. After receiving approval, you can lodge an application for an InterLibrary loan online. The steps of application are as follows:

a.    Faculty, staff and students of the University are all eligible to apply for an account. One-two working day (excluding holidays) is required for processing it after the application is lodged. Once you receive the letter of approval, you can apply on online. Points to note when applying for an account:

(i)   Please fill in the correct and valid email address and mobile number in the field of personal details, for the convenience of sending collection notices and contact in the future.

ii)  This system only accepts registration of one account. If you have registered for one in another unit, you must contact and ask the librarian of that unit to delete the original account before you can re-register.

(iii)  For account (ID), fill in your ID card number, while for Password, fill in the original password you set.

b.     After a reader has applied online, the Library will send out the form via the system to the other library for processing. On receiving the processed application, the Library will notify the reader to collect and pay for the item.