Instructions for the Use of Book Drops

Instructions for the Use of Book Drops

1. Outside library hours, deposit the books intended for return in the book drop. Work for the returned books in the book drop will be carried out when the library opens every other day (the day on which the book is deposited in the book drop is considered the return date).

2. Do not use the drop box during library hours. Please return in person the books at the Book Return Counter in the library.

3. Only books of the Library are to be deposited in the book drop. Readers are personally responsible for the problems arising from mistaken deposit of books.

4. The actual number books returned is based on the number of books checked and received by the Library. To safeguard their rights, readers are advised to check the borrow/return status in their personal library accounts in the Library Catalog system, or enquire at the counter bringing along their borrower’s card to avoid overdue fines.

5. This book drop does not provide immediate book return and receipt printing services

6. Please pay attention when depositing the following books

a. For books with attachments, please put them properly in the books before depositing them in the book drop.

b. For large size books that cannot be deposited in the book drop, please return them during the library hours.