Book Search Service

Book Search Service

  1. Aims 

The Library provides a book search service to readers who find the status of a book they search in the Library Catalog System as “available,” but cannot locate it on the shelves, or the book you find is located in B2.

  1. Target groups

The faculty and staff in the University establishment, current students, and University alumni (with alumni card).

  1. Apply method

Please contact and register with the Circulation Counter on the first floor. Readers will get the response within 7 working days.

[Found]: Once get the response, readers may borrow the book within 7 days at the Circulation Counter.

[Not found]: Readers will receive an email with “book searching notice”.


If the reader urgently needs the book, it is recommended that she/he borrow it from other libraries via the University System of Taipei (free) or National Document Delivery Service (fee-based).