Borrowing Regulations

Borrowing Regulations

All students of the University can use their student cards, faculty and staff their staff cards, and other readers the borrower’s cards issued by the Library to borrow books at the circulation counter.

Status Number Of Books Loan period Times of Renewal Renewed loan period Number of
Reserved Books
Faculty/Visiting Scholar/
Postdoctoral fellow
60 60 3 30 5
Postgraduate 30 60 2 30 4
Undergraduate 20 30 2 30 2
Staff 30 30 2 30 2
Adjunct teacher 10 30 2 30 1
Alumnus 10 30 2 30 1
Retired staff 10 30 2 30 1
Deferred (master’s and doctoral students) 10 30 2 30 1
New freshman 3 30 -- -- --
Audit and Inter-school electives 10 30 2 30 1



During the library hours, please return the books to the Book Return Counter in the library in person. After library hours, please place the books you intend to return in the book drops.



A.    Renewal of books can only be made seven days prior to the due date, and the new loan period is 30 days including the day of renewal. 

B.    Books reserved cannot be renewed.

C.    Renewal method:

(1)    online: Connect to the library catalog system on the website of the Library via the Internet and search the screen of the records of the readers’ borrowed library materials. Click on the renewal function to renew the loan items.

(2)    Circulation Counter:  Readers can renew the books they borrow with a valid borrower’s card at the Circulation Counter. Renewal through telephone is not accepted.


A.    Readers have to make online reservation in the Library Catalog system for books already checked out. When the reserved book is returned, the Library will notify the requester by email. The Library will hold the book for seven days.

B.    If a reader fails to complete the borrowing procedures of reserved items for three consecutive overdue periods, the Library will suspend her/his reservation privilege for three months.


A.    For people who fail to return borrowed items by their due date, their borrowing will be suspended until they pay the fine. A fine of NT$5 per day will be imposed on each item (excluding days of library closure), and the maximum accumulated library fine for each item is NT$2000.

B.    Faculty and staff who retire from or quit the University, and students who are deferring or have withdrawn must return all borrowed books and pay fines, if any, before their official paperwork can be processed. The same also applies to graduates of the current year, and for those who do not meet the regulations, the Academic Registry will be notified to withhold their graduation certificates.

C.    All notices of the Library (like pick-up reserved items, recall, overdue, fines) are sent through email. In case their contact details such as telephone numbers, addresses, or email addresses have changed, readers should update them at the circulation counter.

Compensation for lost items

Borrowers should compensate the library for loss, damage, markings, annotations, or missing pages of the materials borrowed from the library. Borrowers must compensate according to the following criteria:

A.    The borrowers compensate the library with a replacement of the original copy within 10 days, or pay a fee thrice the price at the time of its purchase. If

B.    If the original copy is not priced or is a donated copy, the price is calculated on the basis of the number of its pages. The calculation method is as follows: NT$5 per page for Chinese books, NT$10 per page for Western books. Books under 100 pages will be charged at the cost of 100 pages, and if the number of pages is unknown, it will be charged at the cost of 200 pages.

C.    If the compensation is not paid within the specified period, the borrower should still pay the overdue fines.

D.    The loss of an attachment in a book (like CD) is deemed as the loss of the book. The borrower should compensate the library with a replacement of the CD or other attachments in the original copy within 10 days. The replacement is limited to attachments which are legal.

E.    If the original CD or other attachments are out of print, with the consent of the Library, the borrower can replace the lost item with a book of the same subject with a CD or other attachments (the number of pages and amount must not be lower than those of the original).

For any queries, please contact the Library Circulation Counter (ext. 3100).