Submission of Electronic Theses

Submission of Electronic Theses

Submission of Electronic Theses

Thesis/Dissertation Submission Process


>> Complete Thesis/Dissertation Submission Guide <<


Step1. Complete Oral Defense; finalize your thesis/dissertation.

• Your thesis/dissertation draft must include: Electronic Thesis/dissertation (ETD) Format Requirements, Page Numbering

• For the detailed specifications, please refer to NO. J1 & J2 documents on the Office of Academic Affairs website.

Thesis/Dissertation Template Download

School's Title and Logo Download


Step2. Prepare your PDF file to meet the Library’s upload specifications.

Add watermarks

Convert & Combine PDFs

Set up PDF file document security


Step3. Upload your thesis/dissertation to Library’s Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) System.

How to register ETD System Account?

How to create ETD Portfolio and upload full-text?


Step4. Library Review.

• It will take 1-2 working days for library review. You will be informed by email whether revision is necessary.

• Contact us for further information: Ms. Lin, ext.3136 (8:30-12:00 & 13:30-17:00, Monday to Friday)


Step5. Print out your thesis/dissertation and sign the authorization forms.

• After passing the review, log in to ETD System again to print out 2 copies of Authorization Forms and sign.

Paperback thesis/dissertation requirements

Cover page and book spine for paperback template download

• Paperback binding information:

(1) Color of the cover page:

Light gray for Ph.D. dissertation

Light yellow for Master's thesis

(The colors may vary a little due to different paper manufacturers and types.)

(2) Paper material: 180 gsm (or above) marbled paper with glossy or matte coating

(3) Printing style: double-sided printing for more than 100 pages; single-sided printing for less than 100 pages


Step6. Complete Library’s graduation procedure before the graduation deadline set by the Office of Academic Affairs.

• To complete Library’s graduation procedure, you must have:

(1) 1 thesis/dissertation paperback copy (Binding information please refer to Step 5.)

(2) 2 Authorization Forms printed from ETD System (with author’s and advisor’s signature)

• If you want to apply for delaying public access, please prepare the following documents:

(1) 【Taipei Tech】Application Form of Embargo on Release of Thesis/Dissertation

(2) 【National Central Library】Application Form of Embargo on Release of Thesis/Dissertation

(3) Both forms should contain the signature of the author and the advisor, and the seal of head of the department and institute in the “Seal of the Authorization Institute” field. Please check here for more information.

• You should return all the books and materials borrowed from the library and pay the lost replacement fees or overdue fees before the graduation procedures are completed.