Submission of Electronic Theses

Submission of Electronic Theses

Submission of Electronic Theses

Upload Theses/Dissertations

1. Complete the content of your thesis/dissertation:

(1) The format of e-thesis/dissertation is refer to:

National Taipei University of Technology Thesis Preparation and Specifications for Graduate Students

Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Microsoft Word Template

(2) Please download Taipei Tech's school logo here.

2. Combine all chapters into one file and convert it into a PDF file.

3. Insert Taipei Tech's logo watermark: download watermark.

4. Set up the PDF Document Security.(Guidance)

5. Log in to Taipei Tech's ETD System to create your thesis/dissertation portfolio and upload the full-text file.

(1) How to register ETD system's account?

(2) How to create the thesis/dissertation portfolio and upload the full-text file?


Library Review

1. After you submit your e-thesis/dissertation file, it will take 2 working days for library review. You will be informed by email whether revision is necessary. If you pass the library audit, you will get an "Approval Notification" email letter. It is recommended that you bind the printed thesis after receiving the notification to ensure no errors in the format.

2. Ask us:

• Office Hour: 8:30-12:00 & 13:30-17:00, Mon.-Fri.

• Tel: (02)2771-2171 #3136 Ms. Lin


Electronic Theses Authorization

1. After getting the "Approval Notification" email letter, you may log in to the ETD System and print out 2 authorization forms. The authorization forms should be signed by the author and author's advisor and be submitted to the library.

2. The content of authorization forms contained:

• Authorizing bodies: you may authorize your e-thesis/dissertation to Taipei Tech(on-campus access) or National Central Library(public access).

• Public access: the e-thesis/dissertation may access to public immediately or embargo on release.


Library Graduation Procedures

1. Submit 2 paperback copies. (One will be reserved in Taipei Tech's Library and the other one will be reserved in National Central Library)

(1) The content should be in consistent with the full-text file you uploaded to ETD System.

(2) Printed thesis must contain the verification form's photocopy signed by the Oral Defense Committee.

(3) Paper copies binding notification:

• Color of cover page: Light yellow for Master's theses; light gray for Ph.D. dissertations

• Paper material: 180 gsm (or above) marbled paper + glossy or matte coating

• Print style: double-side for more than 100 pages; single-side for less than 100 pages

2. Submit 2 authorization forms with the author and author's advisor's signatures.

3. If the content of your thesis/dissertation involves confidential information, patent matters, or is not permitted to be provided on statutory grounds and this has been confirmed by the university, you may apply for an embargo on release thesis/dissertation for a certain period.
For more information, please refer to: Delaying Public Access of Printed Theses/Dissertations

P.S. You should return all the books and materials borrowed from the library and pay the book replacement fees or late fees in arrears to finish the library graduation procedures.