Altering Electronic Thesis Authorization

Can I apply for an embargo on release of my thesis/dissertation?

In Compliance with Article 16 of Degree Conferral Act and Article 15 of Copyright Act of R.O.C.: "......In the following circumstances the author shall be presumed to have consented to the public release of the work:......3.Where the work is a Masters thesis or doctoral dissertation written under the 'Degree Conferral Act' and the author has obtained a degree."

Libraries are allowed to make theses/dissertations available to the public.

If, however, the content involves confidential information, patent matters, or is not permitted to be provided on statutory grounds and this has been confirmed by the university, the author can apply for an embargo on release thesis/dissertation for a certain period.


How to apply for an embargo?

(1) Fill in the following application forms: (both are required)

【Taipei Tech】Application Form of Embargo on Release of Thesis/Dissertation

【National Central Library】Application Form of Embargo on Release of Thesis/Dissertation

(2) The application forms should contain the signatures of the applicant, applicant's adviser and the seal of the head of the institute or school.

(3) The reasonable embargo time-limit is within 5 years. If more than 5 years, please specify the reason with related document attached.


For Alumni

If you have already graduated but still want to apply for an embargo, please contact us:

02-2771-2171 #3136 Ms. Lin

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  • Date:2019-11-06